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Centaur Sketch by Metallic-Scratch Centaur Sketch :iconmetallic-scratch:Metallic-Scratch 2 0 Old Wolf Tattoo by Metallic-Scratch Old Wolf Tattoo :iconmetallic-scratch:Metallic-Scratch 3 0 Wolf Pup by Metallic-Scratch Wolf Pup :iconmetallic-scratch:Metallic-Scratch 5 1 Mermaid Girl by Metallic-Scratch Mermaid Girl :iconmetallic-scratch:Metallic-Scratch 4 1


Overnight Stay (Kyoya x Male!Reader)
"I'm sorry boys… I know I told you this summer I'd have enough rooms for you all to stay at the Pension," Misuzu-chi wrung his hands tightly, not meeting anyone's eyes as he continued, "But I had a sports team come in last minute… there are only four rooms left."
The host club sat in stunned silence.
How long had they been planning this? Since they left the Pension last summer? Well, most of them had, at least, and now this again? Even Haruhi looked a little disappointed.
The Pension owner nibbled his lower lip, "Well... I should probably tell you that two of those rooms have double beds... so if some of you are willing to share-"
"Takashi and I can! We've done it before when we had to travel overseas!"
"And Kaoru and I share a bed at home. We're in."
The cousins and the twins relaxed, glad that at least they were safe. As one, the four boys (and Haruhi) looked over at the remaining three members of their party. Tamaki, Kyoya, and (M/n) (L/n), their newest member who
:iconwespinnottwirl:WeSpinNotTwirl 15 0
First Time for Everything (Kyoya x Male!Reader)
For anyone who knew Kyoya Ootori, professional or otherwise, the very last place they'd ever expect to find him would be at that one dance club just downtown from his University. The one with the Pride flag hanging just above the front doors for all to see.
It wasn't the biggest secret in the world that the youngest Ootori boy was gay. Hardly the barest gossip material. Nobody really paid a lot of attention to it. Sure, it was whispered behind hands when he spoke to some of his male classmates, but that was it. No one dared to suggest that his sexual preference made him incapable of running his family's company. There were very few who would've actually believed such a bigoted statement, besides.
Then again, they also never questioned when he would finally settle down with a nice husband. Especially if his father was within hearing distance.
Kyoya himself wasn't all that bothered by the whispers and rumors that buzzed around his personal life. He had never held stranger's opinions of h
:iconwespinnottwirl:WeSpinNotTwirl 15 0
OHSHC X Male!Uke!Reader
 Haruhis twin brother intro 
3th pov:
It was like any other day in the host club, Honey and Mori was eating cake together with their guests, the twins were doing their brotherly love, Kyoya was typing away on his computer, Tamaki was flattering ladies and Haruhi was talking normally with the ladies while walking around and serving tea and coffee.
The club is now over and the hosts are doing like they do every day just talking after they customer’s left, that was until Haruhis phone started to ring.
“Hello” she said in the phone “What? I’ll be there as soon as I can”
“Haru-Chan is something wrong” Honey said.
“Oh no, I-I uh just need to uh to get to the hospital, so I need to go now, bye” Haruhi said walking towards the door on shaking legs.
“how about we drive you there?” Kyoya asked  
“O-okay” she said as they all walked down to the limo and drove to the hospital.
:iconshelia12300:Shelia12300 51 4
Mature content
Contest Entry! RussiaX!Chunky Reader- Love Machine :iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 159 66
Teamiplier - Day at The Beach by FloatingMegane-san Teamiplier - Day at The Beach :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 2,181 114
I Need Healing
The battle raged on, but they were moving the payload quite quickly. Mercy stood atop the moving vehicle healing everyone who ran past her. Thankfully, Zenyatta was there too to help, but he was more on the offense today. They were getting closer and closer when she heard over her earpiece, "I need healing."
It was Genji. She thought Zenyatta heard it, but apparently not because he was behind the payload fighting off an enemy McCree. Since they were getting close, Mercy thought it best to leave the payload and search for Genji's signal. He was close by so Mercy was able to find him. However when she found him, he took down two Bastions without a scratch on him. He looked at her, any emotion on his face hidden behind his face plate, but he called and she answered. She pointed her staff at him and started to heal him. He had slight damage, but it wasn't much. She was slightly miffed about this but she was suppose to be support and she was here to do her job.
The rest of the red team had
:iconbxvace:BXVAce 1 1
More Than Just a Doctor - A Gency Fic
The cool sea breeze ruffles against my metallic exterior as I make my way towards Dr. Ziegler's office. It has now been two months since I rejoined Overwatch, and I have been re-adjusting well to being back here at the Watchpoint. Everyone here seemed happy to have me back upon my return, and my brother Hanzo even ended up joining the organization too. I must admit, I was happy to see the familiar faces of the other Overwatch agents as well.
Perhaps none more than Dr. Angela Ziegler, or Mercy as she is often informally known. She was the one who brought me back from the verge of death when Hanzo tried to kill me, and I owe my current cybernetic existence to her. It is not surprising that she was the one I missed most during my time away from Overwatch, second to my brother of course.
Today, I was going to see her for a general checkup and an examination of my cybernetics, something the kindly Swiss doctor insisted on at least twice a year when I was last with the organization. And to b
:iconepicwolfofdarkness:EpicWolfOfDarkness 12 12
Gency sketch by OkinaMatsunoki Gency sketch :iconokinamatsunoki:OkinaMatsunoki 20 4 I'll Be Watching Over You by RRproAni I'll Be Watching Over You :iconrrproani:RRproAni 209 14 Summer! by WindyMils Summer! :iconwindymils:WindyMils 177 25
AmericaxReader: Stay By Me
Chapter 1
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reader’s point of view~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Looks like I’m 30 minutes early again, today. I thought to myself Maybe I should write a fanfic after I finish with my computer science homework. I kind of have a really cute idea starting to bud in my head… ufufufu
These are the typical thoughts that entertain my mind all day long. When I’m not fantasizing about my favourite animes and characters, I play video games. I rarely talk to anyone, so I like spending my days within my own little world of thoughts and games. I walk down the long hallway lined by wall-to-ceiling windows of my college, giggling to myself about all of the funny and cute scenes that I want to write. People probably look at me like I’m crazy, but I don’t care: I’m in my own world after all. I sit down on an empty bench, and take out my 3DS. ‘There is some time before my class starts, so I might as well play
:iconevilx23:evilX23 59 16
Allied by wlop Allied :iconwlop:wlop 7,652 143 Assumptions by Lopoddity Assumptions :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,026 93 Fusion by MagnaLuna Fusion :iconmagnaluna:MagnaLuna 890 65
2p!America x Reader-Soulmate AU Pt.1
2p!America x Reader-Soulmate AU Pt.1
Sitting in English class, you stared over at the couple sitting in the corner of the room. There were only a few minutes left of class so your teacher let everyone do their own thing. Back to the couple, you noticed their hearts were glowing which meant they were soulmates. With a longing sigh escaping your lips, you held your textbook tighter. Not everyone finds their soulmates in high school but when they do…they’re the luckiest people ever. They get to know each other longer and experiencing things that not everyone gets to. It was normal for someone’s heart to glow so brightly through their chest when they were around their soulmate. So far your (s/c) chest has never had a light glowing.
Hearing the bell ring, you slowly get out of the classroom and walk down the stairs. English was your last class so you now all you have to do is wait for your friend who was also your ride home. Sitting on a bench, you wait over five minutes b
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 61 17
White Pearl Dice Guardian Dragon by HowManyDragons White Pearl Dice Guardian Dragon :iconhowmanydragons:HowManyDragons 218 26



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi I'm Lexi ^_^
I am a total nerd and love all things geeky and anime.
and I love doing art for people so feel free to Pm me and I will try my best to draw for you <3


37 deviations
I am planning on doing a drawing in memory of my pet cat the recently died this past Veterans day. It has taken me awhile but I have finally moved past her death and cling to her only sibling that survived the sickness. I plan on doing a drawing in her honor for the very short but wonderful life she lived. 



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